Renault Eolab concept


The Renault Eolab concept is a five-door hatchback that will ride on a hybrid drivetrain. The Renault’s plan for this concept is to make a production by 2020. Name Eolab is a combination of Aeolus (God of Wind) and word Laboratory.

The Eolab concept was firstly introduced in 2014, and since then, the interest in this hatchback is growing. The interior should look modern and clean, while the exterior will look futuristic and aerodynamic. The driving range will be around 235 mpg, according to French carmaker.

Renault Eolab concept frontRenault Eolab concept exterior looks very aerodynamic

The exterior of the Renault Eolab concept will look very aerodynamic and futuristic. Moreover, Eolab will be almost 900 pounds lighter than other company’s hatchbacks such as Clio. Plenty of orange flaps and active rear spoiler are looking brilliant. The rear bumper comes with the direct airflow system.

Another innovating system is “Active Wheels” that is allowing the rims to be covered every time when the vehicle senses that the brakes don’t need extra cooling. Compared to the Clio hatchback, Eolab reduced drag by over 30 percent. A lighter vehicle means less fuel, and aerodynamics are boosting the fuel economy even more.

Renault Eolab concept interiorRenault Eolab concept interior is high-tech

One of the most important things for Renault is to deliver a first-class interior. The glass is thinner than usual, seat frames are very light and the seat cushions are compact. That should improve the legroom to a whole another level. The Renault Eolab concept comes with plenty of high-tech amenities.

An 11-inch touchscreen sits in the middle of the dash and the instrument panel looks stunning. Touchscreen graphics are amazing and drivers can access numerous charts and car information.

The French automaker says that the technology amenities will be the best one yet. However, we don’t know yet what features will Eolab offer. On the other hand, have in mind that the Renault says that the price will be affordable, so don’t expect a lot of premium stuff.

Renault Eolab concept sideRenault Eolab concept engine

The Renault Eolab concept will use a Z.E. hybrid drivetrain. The hybrid system will combine a 1.0-liter engine, an electric motor, and a 6.7-kWh battery. The 1.0-liter engine is capable of producing 75 HP and the electric motor generates the slightly smaller amount of horses. Together, they can produce up to 142 HP and 217 lb-ft of torque. Eolab can reach up to 40 miles on electric power only and the emissions are very low.

Moreover, this hatchback can go up to 235 mpg which sounds amazing. A manual 3-speed transmission is available, which sounds more than interesting. The first two speeds are attached to the electric motor, while the third one is mated to the combustion engine. Thanks to that, there are up to nine different combinations for this hybrid model.

Renault Eolab concept rearRenault Eolab concept price and release date

The approaching Renault Eolab concept will hit the production by 2020, according to French carmaker.

Pricing details are not provided, however, tech-rich interior and plenty of aluminum materials will surely cost. On the other hand, Renault says that the price will be affordable.


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