2020 Renault Zoe offers more than 250 miles on a single charge


The newest 2020 Renault Zoe is coming to the markets. The rise of this electric car is incredible. The original version arrived six years ago as a concept. Three years later we had an opportunity to see the official lunch. Since then, Zoe didn’t change that much, however, the things are about to change. Zoe is slowly becoming one of the most popular choices in Europe.

The 2020 Renault Zoe now represents the new generation of this model. New spy shots are available and the complete redesign is more than visible. The new electric motor is also in the offer, along with the further interior changes. To be more precise, the 2019 model is the one that comes with significant changes. The 2020 Zoe will continue with refreshments and other sorts of updates. Also, the new model will get its sporty version called RS.

2020 Renault Zoe exterior redesign

The exterior of the upcoming 2020 Renault Zoe slightly departs from the rest of Renault’s cars. This mini car is presented as a hatchback. Not so long ago, the very first spy shots emerged and we can see the total redesign. It is the already familiar appearance but some changes are significant. For an instance, the front fascia now looks more prominent.

New headlights are available, along with the redesigned bumper and air intake. The same design language continues further back with the longer windscreen and new belt line. Overall, the shape is slightly different, but it is the same old Zoe with the same dimensions.

2020 Renault Zoe RS interior2020 Renault Zoe interior looks more sporty

So far, only one interior spy shot is available. However, it is more than enough to spot further upgrades. The 2020 Renault Zoe comes with a new dashboard and larger instrument cluster. The cluster now holds metallic surroundings and the leather-wrapped steering wheel is also new. The infotainment system is also getting an update and the cabin will benefit from the better use of upscale materials.

The interior remains practical and the list of standard features is slightly longer than before. Zoe is a compact vehicle, but for the category, interior space is more than good. The legroom is ample, especially in the front.

2020 Renault Zoe RS model

The Renault company also confirmed that is working on the sports version of this small hatchback. The new model will be called 2020 Renault Zoe RS. Furthermore, there are some images available, and the appearance of this model will be more sporty and aggressive. We can also see more changes at the front fascia with the great looking grille and yellow lines that describe the sports version. Also, the air openings at the side of the car are installed and give a high dose of sportiness.

As for the interior, the buyers will get many new materials and techs. The RS logo sits at the leather seats and is installed at the steering wheel as well. Also, from the images, we can also see some red accent all around the dashboard.

As we know the new RS model will be all electric. However, at this moment company didn’t provide official numbers about the engine, but some rumors circulate that engine under RS model will be able to deliver around 460 HP.

2020 Renault Zoe side2020 Renault Zoe powertrain specs and battery capacity

The biggest innovation will be the new electric motor. The compact all-electric car will generate 110 horses and 165 lb-ft of torque. And while the current Zoe comes with a top speed that is rated at 84 mph, new Zoe will hit the 90 mph mark. The car sprints from 0 to 62 mph in 10.8 seconds which is a solid improvement.

Most importantly, the current model can travel up to 186 miles on a single charge. The 2020 Zoe will offer more than 250 miles and the plan is to deliver 300+ miles in the near future. The electric motor is supported by the 41 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

2020 Renault Zoe rear2020 Renault Zoe price and release date

As we already wrote, Renault Zoe’s rise in popularity is amazing. Last year, French carmaker sold over $30,000 models across Europe. That beats the sales of the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 models.

The 2020 Renault Zoe will cost about $24,500. It is a small price increase, but the offer is still very generous in our opinion. Renault’s new all-electric model will go on sale early in 2020. However, the price of the RS models as the release date is unknown at this moment.


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