2020 Renault City K-ZE Electric SUV Review, Price


Renault will continue to attack China’s market with the new model. The 2020 Renault City K-ZE is an electric SUV that looks urban and it comes with good mileage. French carmaker promised an electric vehicle for 2020 and here it is.

Whatsoever, Renault didn’t have an electric model in China, something the company desperately needed. The 2020 K-ZE won’t depart from the concept and it will look very modern and appealing. We are still waiting for the drivetrain specs and we can expect a five-star safety rating from this electric SUV.

2020 Renault City K-ZE front

2020 Renault City K-ZE Specifications

Usually, concepts are too often overrated and the production model looks no way near the original concept. However, Renault did a great job with the K-ZE model. This electric SUV will look almost the same as the concept. The headlights are integrated into the bumper and are available with blue accents.

Shape and size of the LED headlights are exactly the same. Also, the grille is identical to the concepts. To the sides, the 2020 Renault City K-ZE features modern wheels and modern lines. However, we don’t believe the touch-sensitive door handles will be in the offer.

Rear fascia sports simple taillights and innovative lower tailgate. Interestingly, the design of the K-ZE is based on the Renault Kwid model. The two models are looking very similar. However, Kwid features smaller lights and grille. K-ZE comes as a replacement actually as the Kwid model won’t be produced anymore.

2020 Renault City K-ZE interior

Interior Design, Dimensions, Cargo Space

The 2020 Renault City K-ZE is a compact crossover. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that this is the most spacious SUV in the segment. Interior layout is so perfect and the cabin comes with the generous room. Whatsoever, thanks to its 95.4-inch wheelbase, K-ZE offers class-leading figures.

That includes 10.6 cubic feet of luggage room. With these figures, K-ZE easily beats the rest of Asian rivals such as Datsun and Maruti models. Interior details are not available yet. However, we are pretty sure that Renault will provide a five-star safety rating. The compact electric SUV will arrive with rear parking sensors and a rearview camera as standard. Also, it will feature numerous driver-assistance features and safety aids.

2020 Renault City K-ZE side

2020 Renault City K-ZE Engine Performance

Unlike the Kwid model, the 2020 Renault City K-ZE will arrive with an electric motor and a battery pack. We are still waiting for more specific details about the electric drivetrain. However, we expect better figures than the concept’s that is two years old. Technological upgrades will surely deliver more than concept’s 125 miles of driving range.

This isn’t such an impressive figure, but Renault will surely provide at least 150 miles on a single charge. That is more than enough to beat the rivals on the Asian soil. The charging system is compatible with domestic plugs and public chargers. The domestic plug will charge the battery in four hours. However, public chargers are faster and more recommendable.

2020 Renault City K-ZE rear

Release Date and Price

The electric SUV will firstly arrive in China in the first quarter of 2020. Renault is a well-known automaker known for its electric vehicles. Whatsoever, the French company already offers five electric units.

However, the 2020 Renault City K-ZE will be the first electric SUV in Asia. Unfortunately, the price is not available yet.


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