Nissan Hi-Cross Concept, Review, Specs and Release Date


The Nissan Hi-Cross concept was first presented back in 2012 at the Geneva Auto Show. Since then, a lot of changes happened to this concept, as we can see on the Nissan’s official website. Hi-Cross expectations exceed the current company’s SUV lineup. While JukeMurano-Qashqai is well-known SUVs thanks to the uniqueness and great performances, the Hi-Cross concept goes even further and it will bring a lot of innovations, a hybrid engine among them.

This concept is very interesting, it fits the cleverness into a well-sized vehicle and it offers a great fuel economy. The new design is just a glimpse of Nissan’s plan for the future, and many believe that this concept will replace some of the existing models in Nissan’s lineup.

Nissan Hi-Cross

Nissan Hi-Cross Exterior Features

First of all, the exterior looks perfect. The futuristic design is highlighted thanks to the athletic appearance and more dramatic look. This compact SUV features a V-shaped grille that is framed with modern and distinctive LED headlights and fog lights that are into the bumper.

The hood is slightly curved, and flared fenders are extended, just like some nice bold lines. The wheels are 10-spoke 21-inch alloys and are looking very aggressive. The rear features a sculpted hatch and the roof spoiler is extended as well. The taillights are also equipped with LED technology and are trapezoid-shaped.

Nissan Hi-Cross seats

Nissan Hi-Cross Interior has a plenty of high-tech

The Nissan Hi-Cross concept comes with three rows and seating for up to seven passengers. While the exterior is compact, the interior is roomy thanks to the wheels that are pushed further and a small hybrid engine that has taken the wheels place. The interior is dressed in a vibrant white leather. The door panels are made in two-tone black and white controls. A white steering wheel is a perfect fit.

The seats are well comfortable and are wide. The front bucket seats are very comfortable and the headroom is ample. Second and third-row seats are folding flat for additional cargo space. The dashboard is T-design and it comes with a multi-dimensional gauge cluster. The display panel is very futuristic and Hi-Cross concept comes with plenty of high-tech features. However, the list of standard and optional features are not available, yet.

Nissan Hi-Cross interior

Nissan Hi-Cross Engine, Battery Specs

The upcoming Nissan Hi-Cross concept will run on a hybrid motor coupled with a 2.0-liter gas engine. The official numbers are not available yet. However, Japanese carmaker claims that this combination produces the same amount of power as a 2.5-liter engine. The fuel economy will be great and the battery is lithium-ion.

The fast charging number is not available at this moment. However, this technology is developed and used in a winning-awarded Nissan Leaf. The Nissan Hi-Cross concept presented new “one motor two clutches” system where one clutch turns off the engine while the second clutch improves transition and smoothness. In that way, the braking energy is recycled into the power supply.

Nissan Hi-Cross rear

Nissan Hi-Cross Price, Release Date

The forthcoming Nissan Hi-Cross concept won’t be a concept for too long, and we could expect Nissan’s latest model to arrive later in 2019. The price is unknown as well, but some experts believe that the price will be in line with Nissan Qashqai, so the price will be in the range of $25,000.


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