Nissan Esflow concept


The forthcoming Nissan Esflow concept is rumored to hit the markets in a one year time. This concept is somehow forgotten as it was first presented seven years ago. Sadly, it never made a production, however, the things are about to change.

The Nissan Esflow is an electric concept that will use a rear-wheel drive configuration and will carry a very stylish exterior design. Unlike the Nissan Leaf, this concept is an electric sports car. It will run on a pair of electric motors and the lithium-ion battery pack. Plenty of colors are in the offer, the exterior looks unique, while the interior will hold latest technology equipment.

Nissan Esflow frontNissan Esflow exterior looks futuristic

The exterior comes with plenty of clean and crisp lines. The color is an inspiration taken from glaciers, a reflective solidified liquid. That means the blue tint is in the color’s shadows and it looks stunning. The headlights come with the latest LED technology and the Nissan logo also comes in a blue color. On top of that, wheels, side sill, rear bumper and even a roof spoiler are featuring blue carbon inserts.

The aluminum chassis is all-new and the overall exterior looks futuristic. The exterior design is similar to the from the Datsun 240Z cars, especially the older models. Unlike the other concept, we can’t say that the design is unique because it is far from that.

Nissan Esflow interiorNissan Esflow interior gets golden leather and dark carbon fiber accents

Nissan Esflow concept will arrive with a steel-framed and motorized seats. The cabin design is just like the exterior, clean and modern. Moreover, the cabin feels open and there is surprisingly plenty of room. The seats will get a three-tone scheme that will use a combination of golden leather and dark carbon fiber accents. Sadly, the seats are not adjustable.

The doors are coming in the dark blue suede or leather materials. The same styling continues over to the dash that also holds silver carbon trims. There will be up to four illuminated LCD screens that are multifunctional. All of the screens and controls are oriented towards the driver and generally, interior looks stunning and beautiful.

Nissan Esflow sideNissan Esflow engine and milage

A two 80 kW electric motors will keep the Nissan Esflow concept going. Each motor generates around 110 HP and is independently controlling left and right wheels. The torque is better which means greater car’s stability. A lithium-ion battery pack sits in the center of the vehicle.

The batteries can provide enough power for the car to go up to 150 miles on a single full charge. With everything in mind, the Esflow will reach from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds. Fuel economy and torque numbers are yet to be announced, just like the available transmission.

Nissan Esflow rear

Nissan Esflow price and release date

Besides the latest rumors, only Nissan knows when will the Esflow concept hit the car markets and how much it will cost. However, the release date will be in the middle of 2019.

This could mean a fresh start for the Japanese carmaker and enlarging its lineup of the sporty cars should bring plenty of exciting new models.


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