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What is Nissan up to? They already have the best-selling EV ever, but the Japanese company is ready to bring future. With the newest program, called “electric vehicle ecosystem”, or Nissan Energy, there are three subprojects. Each of them is stunning. These are Nissan Energy Supply, Nissan Energy Share and Nissan Energy Storage.

Each of these have further goals. We will try to describe each of them and unveil their goals. But, nothing would be possible without Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicle. Well, this model is the base of the entire operation, since the Japanese carmaker will make it a moving battery. You need electricity in your home or building? No problem – Leaf will deliver it. Sounds crazy, but the Nissan Energy Program will make this possible already next year.

Nissan Energy Program 01

Three Segments of Nissan Energy Program

The new project includes three crucial parts. These are Nissan Energy Supply, Nissan Energy Share and Nissan Energy Storage.

The first one, NES is a continuation of Automotive Energy Supply Corporation established in 2007. Back then, the Japanese company joined forces with NEC and TOKIN Corporation. The goal was the development of batteries for electric vehicles. Ever since these players increased stakes in the project. Now, Nissan is investing even more money.

The second part of the Nissan Energy Program is Share. This is the most radical and the most interesting system. With so many Leafs on the road, the company came to an idea what to do with these vehicles while parked. They will turn them into moving batteries. Nissan presented vehicle-to-home technology that can provide power from Leaf to electronics in your house during peak demand.

Nissan Energy Program - Supply, Share and Storage - Leaf home generator

Solar panels generate the energy. When parked, Leaf can send electricity to home. Thus system was presented in Nissan’s headquarters in Japan. However, the company will need partners to pull this up. Fermata Energy is the latest name we can hear that is interested in the whole project. Well, Nissan is looking even further. The vehicle-to-building uses the same system, but in this case, multiple electric vehicle could be generators of electricity for buildings.

The xStorage is the last part of the Nissan Energy Program. It allows the vehicle to save energy and use it for the life of its owner. This clever system is efficient and reliable. It is known that cars with electric batteries are charged when this energy is cheapest. New smart systems will charge the car when the demand is low. When demand is high, the vehicle will be able to return this energy and sell to provider (when available).

Nissan Energy Solar

There are also few crucial factors in the entire process. One of them we already mentioned. It is Solar system that generates energy that is later used for charging Leaf or your home through your car. Also, owners of this system can control the supply, reduce bills, and even earn from Nissan Energy Solar.

Nissan Energy Program - Supply, Share and Storage

Nissan Leaf

Of course, all this is impossible without and electric vehicle. The Nissan Leaf is the best-selling electric car ever. Since 2010, more than 300,000 units are sold worldwide. It is more popular than Chevy Bolt or any Tesla’s model. Well, Tesla is quite expensive, with some advanced features and systems. On the other hand, Leaf and Bolt are vehicles for everyday commuting.

A 110 kW motor provides 150 hp and 235 lb-ft of torque. There is also a 40 kWh li-ion battery pack that can make the Leaf go over 150 miles between recharges. Depending on ports, the fast-charging system allows the Leaf to get up to 80 percent of battery in just 40 minutes.

Furthermore, the Leaf is not just about the drivetrain. The vehicle is equipped with high-tech features. However, you can upgrade the vehicle with navigation and other optional accessories. One of the best buys is definitely a fast-charging station. The electric car has various levels of equipment, so the Nissan Leaf is available in three trim levels – S, SV, and SL.

Nissan Energy Program

Nissan Energy Program – When It Is Going To Be Available?

The Japanese carmaker is very serious about this plan. Also, chiefs are very optimistic, so some of them mentioned that fans could see first xStorage homes in 2019. Well, prototypes and tests are possible, but the Nissan Energy Program will need time to find the way to buyers hearts. The good thing is that some features are already presented in company’s headquarters. Also, the xStorage is on the official website, so potential users can inform about it there, or calling local dealers.

All in all, the idea is more than cool – the car that does it all. But, Nissan will need partners to pull this out. Also, there is a competition that follows all the steps, so it is not going to be easy for Nissan to succeed. But, with the reputation the company has, we believe all three parts of the Nissan Energy Program will be very active and popular very soon.


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