2020 Renault Arkana Revealed, New Photos, Release Date, Price


The all-new 2020 Renault Arkana is a stylish coupe-crossover that offers great comfort and great performances. It looks very attractive and aerodynamics are quite astonishing. Modern design looks very unique. Interior is modern as well and it provides more than enough room for the passengers.

Currently, this crossover is built in Moscow and is available only in Russia. Renault has big plans for the Arkana model. For that reason, we can expect from this model to arrive at different markets across the globe. Performance is good and handling is superb.

2020 Renault Arkana

2020 Renault Arkana Architecture

The new Arkana model will ride on Renault’s B0+ platform. It is a revised B0 architecture that underpins models such as Renault Captur and Renault Duster. For 2019, this model will be available only in the Russian markets. However, this could change. Renault already said the styling will be adapted to the local preferences. That means the 2020 Renault Arkana won’t look the same in all markets.

It was a huge hint that Renault has bigger plans with this coupe-crossover. Because of its coupe-like design, Arkana will look unique. It features a sloping tailgate and a higher waistline. Similar cues can be found on the current BMW X6 model. 19-inch alloy wheels are standard and the crossover will offer c-shaped LED headlights. You may find styling cues a little bit weird but you must credit Renault for uniqueness and creativity.

2020 Renault Arkana interior

Interior Details

The upcoming 2020 Renault Arkana still hides some of the interior details. According to the latest reports, Arkana crossover will depart from the standard Renault’s interior design. However, some cues will be taken from the Captur model. You can also expect an upscale cabin with plenty of soft-touch surfaces.

Also, good upholstery and additional chrome accents are certain. The interior comes with the elegance and it looks sophisticated. Leather upholstery will be optional and sporty steering wheel will look perfect. Also, Renault will install new gear levels. Just like Captur model, we can expect interesting interior color schemes.

2020 Renault Arkana side

Engine Specs

Newest Renault’s crossover will offer numerous engine options. The 2020 Renault Arkana will deploy a 1.2-liter gasoline engine as standard. Furthermore, the same engine powers the current version of Renault Captur. It produces 116 horses and 140 lb-ft of torque. Making an all-new engine is too expensive and Renault is relying on the proven options.

Optionally, a 1.6-liter dCi diesel unit cranks out 130 horsepower. The all-wheel-drive configuration is optional and 6-speed automatic transmission is available. Speculations are even suggesting a dual-clutch gearbox from the Renault Kadjar model. Whatsoever, Arkana comes with a superb handling and a quiet ride.

2020 Renault Arkana rear

2020 Renault Arkana Price and Release Date

The price of the 2020 Renault Arkana is still not available. So far, Renault said only that the Arkana will be affordable. The coupe-crossover is currently built in Moscow and French automaker will make this model available only in Russia.

However, Renault plans to expand sales across the rest of the globe. New Arkana will hit the dealerships in the first half of 2020.


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