2020 Nissan Terrano To Get A Sports Version


The popular Japanese manufacturer is currently working to bring back one more SUV to the market 2020 Nissan Terrano. This SUV is a very reliable and high-quality model that comes with affordable price. The newest member from the latest news will be built on the same platform as the Renault Duster.

However, what separates these two models are more extensive equipment and original design. Furthermore, the 2020 Nissan Terrano this year will remain to be modern and very attractive SUV with great safety from the latest update. There is also a sports version of this model that looks more aggressive.

2020 Nissan Terrano front

2020 Nissan Terrano rear

2020 Nissan Terrano Exterior Look

The 2020 Nissan Terrano is a stylish and attractive SUV. It is recognized from the massive chrome radiator grille and the original headlight units. The new model is built of the quality materials that also includes aluminum.

The body is lighter thanks to the use of aluminum and this SUV will gain much better fuel economy because of that.

With the latest report, the model will also get a gesture-controlled tailgate that will be available in the higher trim levels (wave a foot under the rear bumper) is exceptionally convenient. Dimensionally it is the same as the predecessor. We can also expect some new colors with the new model. Moreover, the sports version will look more aggressive thanks to the grille that is modified and some changes are evident to the headlights. This model will also get more stylish wheels and red racing strips on some body parts.

2020 Nissan Terrano interior

2020 Nissan Terrano Interior

The upcoming 2020 Nissan Terrano is an SUV that is available with seating for up to seven. The 3-row SUV has plenty of space in the first two rows. However, the third row is suited for younger, more flexible members of the family.

Technology is also getting upgrades and the new Nissan Terrano model will borrow many features from the Nissan Pathfinder model. It may come with the same 8-inch infotainment touch screen system and the seats that are very comfortable. Also, with the base model, the buyers will get a 13-speaker Bose audio, and the dual-panel panoramic moonroof. However, the sports version will get the most of the changes and we will see the better seats with red Terrano stitched on and lots of better techs.

The luggage space behind the third row is 16 cubic feet, expanding to 47.8 behind the second. Moreover, with both rows folded flat, the buyers will get the cargo area of 79.8.

2020 Nissan Terrano engine

2020 Nissan Terrano Powertrain Options

The forthcoming 2020 Nissan Terrano will keep the same old engines. The one-petrol inline four-cylinder DOHC engine will be under the hood of this model with the class Euro-5 and also the second one is a diesel. The first one is a 1.6-liter petrol engine that provides 128 HP. This engine is available with a six-speed manual transmission and it comes with an FWD system. However, if you want the same engine but with the all-wheel-drive system, you can go for the new Renault Duster model.

The next engine is the diesel 1,5 liter that is capable to produce 110 HP and it comes with the same six-speed manual transmission and also with the option to get AMT gearbox. This engine will be available with a few modes. The first is AWD mode that will transmit all the engine power to the front axle. However, with the turned-on AUTO mode, the buyers will get automatically distributes torque between the axles, while the LOCK mode is activating the surface of the system of monitoring road coating.

2020 Nissan Terrano sport

Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2020 Nissan Terrano SUV at this point is not yet revealed. However, from some speculations, we can expect this model to debut in the middle of the year 2020. Also, the price is not yet available, but we can expect this model to come with a slightly higher price than the predecessor.


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