2020 Nissan IMx is the new futuristic SUV


We could call Nissan the “pioneers of the all-electric vehicles”. After the Leaf model introduction in 2010, the 2020 Nissan IMx will hit the markets. This compact crossover will directly compete with the likes of Tesla Model 3. The Nissan’s all-electric lineup is getting wider and wider and IMx is the latest addition.

The 2020 IMx is a perfect example of the company’s direction toward the future. Literally, Nissan’s is changing everything, the whole approach, from the exterior to the powering options.

Moreover, the company’s newest design language is present with this crossover and the exterior looks futuristic. The interior will also look like is just transported from the future, and the driving range will be astonishing.

2020 Nissan IMx front2020 Nissan IMx looks aggressive and spacey

Unlike the Leaf’s concept that looked more realistic, the 2020 Nissan IMx looks kinda outlandish. Of course, the Japanese carmaker has what it takes to build the same exterior from the concept. On the other hand, the goal is to deliver an affordable vehicle, so the exterior design should largely depart from the original concept.

The front end comes with the V-shaped grille and more vertical vents. Around the grille, black trim surroundings are looking brilliant. The headlights are slim and the shape is hockey stick-like. LED units are standard and below that wide air intake is present.

The hood will get the same shape as the front grille and tall fenders are looking gorgeous. The side profile shows us a more traditional shape that is not that sporty as the rest of the body. The rear end looks aggressive, especially the rear roof spoiler. LED taillights are providing a further upscale and modern feel.

2020 Nissan IMx interior2020 Nissan IMx interior rumors

The interior of the 2020 Nissan IMx is perhaps the biggest mystery for now, as on every other concept. According to the Japanese automaker, the interior will deliver plenty of futuristic shapes.

On the other hand, Nissan says that the cabin will be practical. Clearly, the interior takes the inspiration from the Leaf model as it comes with the digital instrument cluster and new infotainment system.

This system supports the latest navigation and phone integrations such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Safety options

Plenty of premium features are a must for this crossover and plenty of driving and safety systems as well. ProPilot Assist feature will be standard, just like the e-pedal system.

2020 Nissan IMx side

2020 Nissan IMx runs on two electric motors

The first information sounds promising. The 2020 Nissan IMx will run on two electric motors with high outputs. Each axle will get its electric unit which should be enough for 430 HP and 515 lb-ft of torque.

Moreover, a high-capacity battery provides a driving range that is rated at 371 miles per a single charge. If this happens, the IMx will overrun the Tesla Model X for about 77 miles. This crossover will offer 350 miles of range which is another astonishing figure and bold claim by Nissan.

Furthermore, the Japanese company says that the more powerful version of the existing company’s drivetrain is under production.

2020 Nissan IMx rear2020 Nissan IMx price and release date

There is no information about the pricing of the all-new 2020 Nissan IMx. Moreover, it is hard to even predict the price of Nissan’s latest crossover.

Whatsoever, we expect the affordable price for the IMx model that will go on sale at some point in 2020.


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