New Generation 2020 Nissan Dayz Kei Spied Testing in Spain


The new 2020 Nissan Dayz Kei was spotted on a test drive in Spain. It is unnatural to see this model in Europe, but Nissan decided to do full research and development there. While under the heavy camouflage, iconic V-Motion grille and boomerang LED headlights are easy to spot.

This model will continue to look tall and square, riding on small wheels with the hatchback styling and van aesthetics. A CVT transmission is available along with the three-cylinder engine with or without a turbocharger. Both front and all-wheel-drive setups are available and fuel economy is great. The price is affordable and it shouldn’t see any additional increase.

2020 Nissan Dayz Kei

2020 Nissan Dayz Kei V-Motion Grille Is The Most Recognizable Detail

The microcar was spotted in Spain doing a test drive. The prototype is wrapped in heavy camo, but some exterior features were easy to spot. The upcoming 2020 Nissan Dayz Kei model looks adorable with its small proportions, tall dimensions, and square appearance. Even the wheels are ridiculously small.

The 2020 model should represent the beginning of the new generation. While one of the most popular small cars in Japan, it was very odd to spot the prototype outside Japan. On top of that, new Dayz Kei was spotted in Spain, soaking up the Sun and doing a test drive. Even under the heavy coverings, Nissan’s design language was easy to spot.

A big V-Motion grille up front is the most recognizable detail. The angled side glass is another visible feature. The 2020 Dayz Kei perfectly combines the aesthetics of a regular van and the styling of a hatchback. This model is 11.5 feet long and 5.3 feet wide.

2020 Nissan Dayz Kei interior

2020 Nissan Dayz Kei Interior Updates

The 2020 Nissan Dayz Kei is a five-door hatchback that offers room for four passengers. There isn’t much room at all from the inside. Based on the Mitsubishi eK model, the Kei microcar is the smallest highway-legal passenger car in Japan. Unfortunately, the interior details are not available yet.

The new generation should bring numerous upgrades. We can expect the same interior scheme as before, along with the layout. Leather upholstery and premium audio system will remain optional, while the new model could get a couple of more standard features.

2020 Nissan Dayz Kei side

2020 Nissan Dayz Kei Engine and Fuel Economy

The arriving microcar will continue to offer a small-displacement engine. The three-cylinder gasoline unit will produce up to 55 horsepower. A turbocharged variant will deliver almost 70 HP. The figures are low but have in mind the car’s weight, only 1,850 pounds.

Front-wheel-drive will be standard and the all-wheel-drive system will be optional. This mini car will offer a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Almost 61 mpg combined will be the strongest point of the upcoming 2020 Nissan Dayz Kei. With that fuel economy, this model will prove all of its customers how a small car can be practical and economical.

2020 Nissan Dayz Kei rear

2020 Nissan Dayz Kei Price and Release Date

The price of the 2020 Nissan Dayz Kei will start at around $9,500. However, the price could go up to over $13,000 if you load more premium features. This microcar will hit the markets in the second half of 2019 and it will firstly arrive in Japan.


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