2019 Nissan Serena Release date and Price


Latest reports suggest that the 2019 Nissan Serena could get few updates. The popular minivan has been around for years. The original version came way back in 1991. Since then, this model is among the most popular small vans in Asia. So far, we have seen five generations of it.

The current model came in late 2015, as the 2016 year model. Considering that the model is still quite fresh, most of us wouldn’t expect to see bigger changes for the next year. However, it seems that the company has different plans. The 2019 Serena will most likely come with several tweaks that will provide a more attractive appearance.

2019 nissan serena front view

This refers mostly to the exterior, though same changes on the inside are possible as well. On the other side, things under the hood will remain the same. Expect new version to arrive sometime late in the year.

2019 Nissan Serena redesign

As we’ve already mentioned, the 2019 Nissan Serena could come with several novelties. The current model has been around for about two years, so we could say it is pretty fresh. The next year will bring us few novelties in terms of styling. Most of the changes will be at the front, naturally. We could see a new grille, as well as some tweaks to the front bumper. Rest of the van should remain largely unchanged, tough novelties in terms of exterior colors are possible.

In terms of the mechanics, the 2019 Nissan Serena will feature no changes. We are about to see a familiar design, built over a little bit older but highly reliable C Platform, which is in use for more than 15 years and underprints numerous models for Renault-Nissan Alliance.

2019 nissan serena side view

2019 Nissan Serena interior

This van may be small, but it is designed to accommodate up to 8 people. There are three rows of seats, in two configurations – with capacity for either 7 or 8 passengers. Besides more than enough space, this model offers pretty good overall comfort. You can count on hi-quality materials all over the cabin. The dashboard features not only attractive lines but also plenty of quality soft-touch materials. There is also a lot of standard equipment and advanced technologies in the offer. For example, there is the company’s new Propilot system, which assists with acceleration, steering and braking input under single lane highway driving conditions.

2019 nissan serena interior

In practice, this means that this system will keep your vehicle in the middle of the lane. It operates at speeds between 20 and 60 miles per hour. Also, count on a bunch of other equipment in terms of safety and entertainment.

2019 Nissan Serena engine

First generations of this van were characterized by a variety of engines in the offer. On the other side, the last few models are rather simpler in this aspect. The current generation is available in a single engine option and we don’t believe that something will be changed for the next year. There is a familiar 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which has been used for the previous generation as well. However, the company did some tweaks and this engine now delivers around 150 horses, which a pretty decent amount of power, considering the van’s size and weight. While the previous model had an RWD layout, this one power front wheels, via CVT transmission. It is a new version of the familiar Xtronic CVT, which provides a smoother and more efficient drive.

2019 nissan serena rear view

2019 Nissan Serena release date and price

Since there won’t be bigger changes for the next year, we are pretty sure that the 2019 Nissan Serena will come late in the year. It should keep the same price, which goes around 32.000 dollars.


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