2019 Nissan Quest Van, Interior, Price, Changes


If we can trust latest reports, the current discontinuation is only temporary and the new generation will come already as 2019 Nissan Quest. The familiar van from this Japanese manufacturer is on the road for about 26 years.

The original version came in 1992 and we have seen four generations of it so far. The last version was in production between 2010 and 2017. Still, its commercial versions are still available in Japan. For the next year, we should see a completely new version, based on the new architecture, with various improvements.

2019 nissan quest review

The 2019 Quest should continue with its close relationship with Altima, which came completely new recently. The new van will adopt the same design language, but more importantly new mechanics, engines and similar things. Still, consider that there is still no official confirmation about the new model. Take this info with big reserve.

2019 Nissan Quest redesign

This potential redesign should bring plenty of improvement compared to the current model. It is pretty much certain that the new generation will continue with its close connections with famous Altima. This means that the same new architecture that was presented recently will be the core of new van. In practice, this means a lot of shared parts, almost all of them. We don’t expect bigger changes in proportions.

2019 nissan quest front view

On the other side, new lightweight materials will definitely provide some weight savings, which means better driving dynamics, fuel economy and overall performances. Also, the new platform should provide better use of space, which also means more comfort for all passengers. Speaking of passengers, the new cabin will also feature new, better-quality materials, new dashboard layout and various other novelties that will raise the comfort and overall driving experience.

2019 Nissan Quest styling

Another important aspect of the 2019 Nissan Quest is a completely new styling that is about to come. This redesign will make the new van look far more attractive. Although overall proportions won’t be changed a lot, the new look will be characterized by better aerodynamics, sharper lines, and sportier overall appearance.

It is pretty much for sure that the new design language that was presented with new Altima will be applied on this model as well. This means similar front end to the new sedan, although with slightly reshaped parts such as headlights, grille, bumpers etc.

2019 nissan quest interior

On the inside, the cabin will also feature a completely new look. This means a new dashboard, which will be pretty much the same as the one in new Altima. Also, expect to see new materials, more attractive color schemes etc. Finally, expect to see much more of standard equipment.

2019 Nissan Quest engines

The 2019 Nissan Quest will most likely continue with a familiar 3.5-liter V6 engine. This engine has been used for the previous generation, but this time we will see some revisions that will provide more power and better overall efficiency. In practice, this means we could expect around 300 horsepower. A familiar CVT will carry on as well.

2019 nissan quest engine

Besides this capable V6 unit, the 2019 Nissan Quest could also get a new 2.0-liter turbo inline-four engine offered as optional. This engine is characterized by amazing efficiency, so it’s no wonder that the max output goes around 250 horsepower. On the other side, fuel economy is amazing, almost incomparable with the V6 unit.

2019 Nissan Quest release date and price

The 2019 Nissan Quest’s arrival is still under question. Still, several reports suggest its launch pretty soon. Late 2018 doesn’t sound so likely, but next year seems quite possible.

2019 nissan quest rear view

More information will be known in next few months.


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