2018 Nissan NV1500 Review, Mpg, Price


With its unusually large nose, 2018 Nissan NV1500 is easy to recognize among other full-size vans on the market. The new family of Nissan’s full-size vans came in 2011, as a successor of a familiar Urvan nameplate. Considering usual production cycles of commercial vehicles, we could consider this one relatively fresh, so it’s no wonder that the company didn’t offer bigger changes for the next year.

This NV family offers several versions and as you may notice, you can notice name designation that perfectly fits North American market. As its name says, 2018 NV1500 is the base model in the offer. It is a classic cargo van that offers plenty of cargo space, but also truck-like towing capabilities, thanks to capable engines and well-designed chassis. As we already mentioned, the current model features no changes compared to models from previous years, so the price has also remained unchanged.

2018 Nissan NV1500 front view

2018 Nissan NV1500 redesign

The 2018 Nissan NV1500 represents the seventh years of production of the current generation. After such period, we can make conclusions about the quality of this van. First of all, this is a well-designed van that has a lot of qualities. The first one is Nissan’s recognizable reliability, which is especially accentuated on this model. This is definitely one of those models that offer a great value for the money. As you may presume, the NV family consists of several versions, including those that can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

This one is rather a classic commercial vehicle, which offers plenty of volume and cargo capacity. Speaking more precisely, total load capacity goes around 2600 pounds, which is in a range with other base van models. Like in other vans, everything is dedicated to practicality, so don’t expect miracles when it comes to steering and overall driving experience.

2018 Nissan NV1500 side view

2018 Nissan NV1500 engines

There are two engines in the offer for this van. Base models usually feature a capable and reliable 4.0-liter V6 engine. This unit is well-known for its amazing reliability and durability and seems like a perfect choice for this van. It has a max output of around 260 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, which is more than enough for decent performances. If you are interested in some truck-like capabilities, go for an optional 5.6-liter V8 unit.

This is another well-known engine from Nissan, which is in use for Titan, as well as Armada, which is a clear indicator that you can count on excellent utility. A max power goes around 390 horses and 395 pound-feet of torque. The power is sent to rear wheels via the 5-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, a newer 7-speed automatic is available in the bigger 3500 model only.

2018 Nissan NV1500 engine

2018 Nissan NV1500 equipment

Unlike higher models that come in three trim levels, this one comes in only two. Those are S and SV.

The base S models is a classic no-nonsense working machine. A bare-bone model like this one won’t offer you more than those most basic things like air-conditioning 36 cargo mounting points for shelving, and bare metal cargo panels.

On the other side, the SV trim offers far better comfort and convenience. You can count on things 5.8-inch touchscreen and Bluetooth hands-free system, cruise control, remote keyless entry, hardboard cargo panels. In terms of safety, this van comes with things like stability control and ABS, as well as an optional rearview camera. As we’ve already mentioned. Higher models also come in SL trim, which adds plenty of comfort features.

2018 Nissan NV1500 rear view

2018 Nissan NV1500 price

Price is another strong point of this van. The base 2018 Nissan NV1500 goes around 29.000 dollars. On the other side, SV trim with the V8 engine will cost you additional 2.500 dollars.


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