Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept Price, Specs, News


The upcoming Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept is an electric SUV that offers high performance and plenty of new high-tech features and capabilities. This concept made its debut in 2017 at the Tokyo Motor Show and Japanese automaker claims that e-Evolution comes with great driving manners and it is a perfect addition to the company’s strategy of building electric vehicles.

A four-wheel drive setup is available, plenty of driver assistance technologies as well, and overall, this electric SUV is one of the most ambitious Mitsubishi’s concepts ever.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept front

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept Inside the cabin

The interior of the Mitsubishi e-Evolution is very futuristic and comfortable. It comes with plenty of fine materials, soft-touch surfaces, and modern shapes. On top of that, the e-Evolution concept is roomy from the inside and interior design possibilities are more than interesting. A large battery is mounted under the floor so the interior space is optimized. With several displays available, this concept offers mostly all-digital interfaces, the instrument panel now comes with a new floating design and it adds two displays.

The technology inside the cabin is stunning, for the start, a new AI system will track the driver’s ability and driver’s intents and it will provide some sort of a training program. Automatic climate control, windshield wipers, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and similar amenities are all standard, and there is even a plenty of safety features included.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept interior

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept Exterior looking perfect

The e-Evolution will arrive with a very sharp and modern design. Up front, a large black grille sits under a glass frame, while the headlights are separated. Under the glass, a pair of cameras and sensors sits with great protection. A front windshield looks long and air intakes below the headlights are large so the air flow is much better.

The roof is mostly glass and it features roof rails. However, the ground clearance is higher and the tires are large as well. At the rear, narrow Y-shaped taillights are looking perfect. Furthermore, the rear fascia comes with a hexagon-shaped design, a styling cue taken from Pajero, according to Mitsubishi. We’ll have to wait and see how the new design will work for the Japanese carmaker, but this kind of an approach is for sure a huge step forward.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept side

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept Engine and high-capacity battery

The all-new Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept will come with three electric motors with high-torque numbers. On top of that, a high-capacity battery is located under the floor. Moreover, the e-Evolution concept is available with a four-wheel drive configuration.

While the horsepower and torque number are yet unknown, this SUV will benefit from a artificial intelligence. This latest feature is using sensors in order to rear traffic changes and driver intentions. The driving is great and a training program is there as well. Electric brake calipers are also on the offer so the hydraulic system is up to latest standards.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept rear

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept Price and Release Date

There are no exact details about this SUV’s price or release date. We’ll have to wait and see when will new e-Evolution concept arrive and how much it will cost.


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