Mitsubishi Concept CX Price, Specs


The Japanese company unveiled its Mitsubishi concept CX at the Frankfurt Auto Show ten years ago. It is an idea of an affordable SUV with great comfort and practicality. Also, this concept should present a new generation of the company’s compact SUVs.

Powered by a clean diesel drivetrain, the concept CX will arrive with great fuel economy and very low emissions. The interior will see plenty of upscale materials, from plastic to the leather seats and chrome accents.

The concept will soon make a production as a compact SUV with more crossover-like characteristics which is visible from its exterior.

Mitsubishi concept CXMitsubishi concept CX exterior design and dimension

The forthcoming Mitsubishi concept CX is a compact SUV that rides on a company’s Lancer global compact platform. This concept will probably share a lot of similarities between the Lancer and Outlander models. Stretched up to 161 inches, this SUV comes with an aggressive look and mean face.

The wheels are 19-inch long and visually, the wheels look perfect. On the other hand, it is a perfect SUV for a city ride rather for any types of the off-roading habits. The front end holds a “Jet Fighter” grille that looks astonishing and it features some chrome accents. The sporty appearance continues to the rear end with plenty of the rounded styling cues.

Rear fenders are looking bulgy and the roof spoiler that is standard. Generally, the styling will for sure slightly depart from the original concept but expect a modern and sharp design with plenty of sporty touches.

Mitsubishi concept CX interiorMitsubishi concept CX interior review

The interior perfectly mixes sporty and modern design. A famous Mitsubishi’s green plastic can be found on door trims, floor mats, and even back seat panels. A brown leather is in the offer as well and the backrests on the front seats are looking very original.

The cabin is oriented toward the driver’s seats and the dash comes with a huge information touchscreen.

The Mitsubishi concept CX is packed with sporty styling cues, both in and out. All of the interior shapes such as air vents and numerous buttons are so nicely designed in a couple of different shapes. Soft-touch materials are present, the padding is superb and generally, the cabin is a pleasant place so longer trips are a thing less to worry about.

Mitsubishi concept CX sideMitsubishi concept CX engine

For now, a single drivetrain choice is in the offer and it is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. This turbodiesel unit generates around 136 HP and 206 lb-ft of torque. A manual twin-clutch SST transmission is available, however, without a clutch pedal. Both two-wheel and four-wheel drive configurations are available and fuel efficiency is stunning.

Moreover, this compact SUV will arrive with very low emissions so the Mitsubishi concept CX is both family and eco-friendly model.

Hybrid possibility

A hybrid drivetrain is a huge possibility in the future but we’ll have to wait for any official confirmation from the Japanese carmaker.

Mitsubishi concept CX rearMitsubishi concept CX price and release date

There is literally no news about this category, the price is a big mystery for now. However, according to reliable sources, this SUV will go on sale before 2020.


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