Infiniti Vision GT Supercar Concept, Specs, Engine


First, it appeared in a video game, then we saw it in a real life. Three years later, we are still waiting for some fresh details about Infiniti Vision GT Supercar. It all started with the iconic video game Gran Turismo. Designers of this game created a completely new ultra-performance model and asked the famous Japanese car brand to use its badge.

The reception was so amazing that the company decided to create this model in a real life. Of course, there are some differences, but the Vision GT Supercar definitely resembles its virtual inspiration. Although the company’s management said that a production version is in plans, we can’t say how serious they were with this claim. In any case, we can hope that the production model will see the daylight in some time. Until then, let’s speculate!

Infiniti Vision GT Supercar

Infiniti Vision GT Supercar Styling

A quick glance at the car and you know it comes from Japan. The Infiniti Vision GT Supercar came in a concept form three years ago, with such stunning design. Of course, it closely resembles the original, virtual model, though there are some differences as well. You can see some cues of the brand’s current design language, just in far more improved way. Headlights and other parts at the front definitely have something in common with the previous Infiniti concept. On the other side, the overall shape was changed for a little bit. As you may presume, things are a little bit different in reality. So, Japanese engineers went through a complete calculation of aerodynamics. The result is a little bit different lines, though the beautiful sleek profile definitely remains.

Infiniti Vision GT Supercar front view

How the eventual production model would look, it is hard to tell at the moment, though some parts will be replaced for sure, with some production-friendly alternatives. At the moment, we can hope that the most of the concept’s styling will carry over.

When it comes to the interior design, we must turn our imagination, since the cabin of the Infiniti Vision GT Supercar is a complete mystery. We can only presume that the company will rather go for some elegant design solutions, in order to accentuate not only hi-performance nature but a high level of luxury as well. So, expect to see a lot of mild curves, top-quality materials including maybe even some wood trim, all in combination with racing influence in a shape of bucket seats, sporty steering wheel, attractive instrument cluster etc. Finally, expect to see a lot of standard equipment. After all, Infiniti is a premium brand.

Infiniti Vision GT Supercar rear view

Infiniti Vision GT Supercar powertrain

So far, we can only rely on details from the video game. In this case, Infiniti Vision GT Supercar comes with a hybrid powertrain. A nice combination that consists of a naturally-aspirated V8 engine and the electric motor is designed to provide mind-blowing performances. There is a 4.5-liter V8 engine, which together with electric motor delivers around 535 horsepower. Considering car’s dimensions and expected weight of cca 3,700 pounds, we are pretty sure that the new supercar will be able to go from zero to sixty in less than 3 seconds, probably around 2.8. On the other side, top speed will go over 200 mph. Another interesting detail about this Infiniti Vision GT Supercar concept is weight distribution. The mass balance goes around 45/55 front/rear, which leaves a lot of space for the joy of drifting the rear.

Infiniti Vision GT Supercar side view

Infiniti Vision GT Supercar production

Although the company’s management stated that the Infiniti Vision GT Supercar has a big chance to enter serial production, all this still seems pretty far away. We definitely won’t see this car on the road in next few years, though you never knew what the future could bring.


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