All-Electric Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept Failed to Start At The Detroit Auto Show


The Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept was finally presented. This electric SUV, however, had major troubles at its debut at the Detroit Auto Show. While the journalist was waiting for the vehicle to arrive the car failed to start. Infiniti tried to restart the vehicle but the QX Inspiration model failed once again. It happens from time to time, but we must credit Infiniti for doing the live presentation.

Anyway, the presentation went well in some other ways. For an instance, unlike the other carmakers, Infiniti showed us more than a glimpse of the vehicle. The exterior looks futuristic and extremely modern. Some of you won’t like the strange design for sure but that is the future that waits for us. The interior will provide plenty of room thanks to the all-new platform. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what type of drivetrain will power the QX Inspiration.

Infiniti QX Inspiration front

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept Provides Futuristic Look

The odd design is the first thing you will notice on the Infiniti QX Inspiration. Infiniti showed us almost the complete exterior design and the first impressions are positive. Styling is strange and intriguing and the SUV will ride on a new platform specially designed for the electric vehicles.

The front fascia looks familiar. Whatsoever, almost every Infiniti’s concept comes with this type of grille. The headlights are very slim and the bumper looks sturdy. The side profile comes with the taller doors and narrower windows. All these cues and the heavily angled roof are providing the strange appearance. We can’t say it is the most beautiful concept, no, far from that. But on the other hand, the interesting design will surely attract the customers.

Infiniti QX Inspiration interior

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept Interior

Unfortunately, the carmaker didn’t provide any interior details. However, Infiniti did say the QX Inspiration will represent the new-gen architecture that will provide a lounge-like interior.

The credit goes to the all-new platform that will provide amazing interior space. Selection of the materials will be premium and the cabin will offer plenty of high-tech features. According to Infiniti, state-of-the-art technology will be present, whatever that means.

Infiniti QX Inspiration side

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept Is All-Electric

The forthcoming Infiniti QX Inspiration will deploy the all-electric technology in the near future. The Inspiration model could be the first among the many models. However, weeks ago, Infiniti said the QX Inspiration will be either all-electric or it will offer the combination of the gasoline engine and electric motor.

That means the hybrid variant could be on the cards. Infiniti will surely offer a smaller three-cylinder displacement and a single electric motor. Company’s new ePower technology could be available too. In the same time, Nissan presented its IM electric sedan concept that will use a pair of electric motors. Total output is rated at 485 horsepower which is quite impressive. We expect from Infiniti to deliver more or less the same output.

Infiniti QX Inspiration rear

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept Price and Release Date

Thanks to the failed presentation, we couldn’t find out further interior and drivetrain details. Whatsoever, no one knows the exact release date and the price of the new Infiniti QX Inspiration. However, we believe the electric SUV will hit the markets at some point in 2020.


  1. Back to the drawing board. The front end looks like the face of Batman’s Joker. I the car were mine, I would drive it backwards for it’s rear design is pleasant. We own the Murano, 2016, and lease a 2019 LEAF, our 3rd electric LEAF. We love our cars for their style and performance.
    STYLE – If INFINITY is to continue to be Nissan’s premium model, style needs to improve.
    Right now, we are Nissan bound for all the reasons we would buy a car.


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